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Keeping The Kidneys Healthy

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs in the renal system. They help the body pass waste as urine. They also help filter blood before sending it back to the heart.

Meditation: A Way of Reducing Stress

If stress has you anxious, tense and worried, consider trying meditation. Spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace. Anyone can practice meditation. It's simple and inexpensive, and it doesn't require any special equipment. And you can practice meditation wherever you are — whether you're out for a walk, riding the bus, just at home.

Health Effects of Tobacco

No matter how you smoke it, tobacco is dangerous to your health. There are no safe substances in any tobacco products, from acetone and tar to nicotine and carbon monoxide. The substances you inhale don’t just affect your lungs. They can affect your entire body.

Thyroid Problems You Might Encounter

The thyroid gland is a small butterfly-shaped organ that’s located in the front of the neck, wrapped around the trachea. The thyroid makes hormones that help control many vital functions of your body. Its job is to release and control hormones that control metabolism which is a process where the food you take is transformed into energy.

Should You Be Donating Blood?

Did you know that besides saving a life by donating blood the patients aren't the only one benefiting from the act. By regularly donating blood you also get multiple health benefits. 

Avoid Overeating On Holidays

It is the season to celebrate. It is also the season to pig out and overeat. With back to back holiday celebrations and parties everywhere. It will be hard to control our food and drink intake.

Identify Your Diabetes: Knowing the Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a group of diseases in which the body doesn’t produce enough or any insulin, doesn’t properly use the insulin that is produced, or exhibits a combination of both. When any of these things happens, the body is unable to get sugar from the blood into the cells. That leads to high blood sugar levels.

How Does Your Immune System Protect You

Through highly complex and adaptive processes, a healthy immune system is always at work, protecting you from infections by identifying and destroying harmful microorganisms. Your immune system also helps you build immunity so that when you encounter certain invading germs again, you can fight them faster the next time around, often without even getting sick at all.

Pros and Cons Of A Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet focuses mainly on plants for food. These include fruits, vegetables, dried beans and peas, grains, seeds and nuts etc. It is one of the healthy eating patterns to follow.

6 Simple Exercises You Can Do At Home

No matter how busy we can get, exercising daily is very essential to keep our body healthy. Exercises don't need to be complex. We don't have to hit the gym just to have access to heavy equipment.

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