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Genetic Disease: How to Prevent and Manage?
August 7, 2022

Heart diseases, asthma, cancer and diabetes, these common diseases can run in the family. As well as rare diseases like hemophilia, cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia that can be serious. Which is why it is important to know your family’s health history, to help detect and manage these diseases early on in life.

Learning about the health history of your family and sharing this information with your health care provider can help you learn whether you have an increased chance of getting some common diseases.

Your genetic susceptibilities were formed at the time of your conception. In the longer run, apart from your genetics, multiple other things influence your health, and thereby result in manifestation of the hereditary diseases. Small modifications in your lifestyle and habits can help you avoid such diseases.

  • Check regularly for the disease.
  • Take proper nutrition, as guided in your report, to balance the requirements of your body
  • Exercise daily on the basis of the type that really helps your body
  • Quit habits like intake of tobacco in any form, and drinking alcohol
  • Meditate to clear out the daily life stress

Get specific genetic testing that can help with diagnosis and treatment.

  • Once you know the diseases and traits that you are susceptible to, you can make informed decisions related to your health
  • It saves you from sudden medical expenditures
  • Keeps you enlightened about your health requirements
  • Helps in prior planning of health checkups to detect the disease in case they manifest. Early detection helps in better treatment/management
  • Planning doctor’s consultation for treatment and management of predisposed health conditions
  • Allows you to take all preventive measures

Most of these genetic disease are manageable with lifestyle, you may not be able to change your genetics but you can definitely modify the way you live.

What Else?

Important Reminder: Any type of food supplement is not a medicine and cannot be used as a medicine for any type of disease.

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