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Top 9 Health Risks You Caused By Air Pollution
October 30, 2022

The quality of the air we breathe is significant to our health. Although air pollution may seem invisible and unnoticeable, it can leave a massive imprint and risk on human health. Here are the top 9 health risks that you can get from air pollution.

  1. Premature death

Be it a short-term or long-term exposure to polluted air can shorten life expectancy and may lead to premature death.

  1. Asthma attack

The allergens in air can cause irritation that leads to asthma attacks, which can result in visits to the emergency room and hospital admissions, not to mention missed work and school.

  1. Cardiovascular disease

Studies show that both heart attack and stroke can be increased by air pollution.

  1. Lung cancer

Air pollution can also lead to lung cancer, which is the leading cause of cancer-related death in some countries.

  1. Developmental damage

Exposure to air pollution can slow and stunt lung development in growing children, harming their health now and reducing their lung function as adults.

  1. Susceptibility to infections

Due to air pollution we are now more susceptible in getting infections, especially children.

  1. Worsened COPD symptoms

People who suffer from COPD will experience worse symptoms making it harder for them to breathe. Severe symptoms may also lead to hospitalization or worse, death.

  1. Lung tissue swelling and irritation

Even if you are a healthy person with a healthy set of lungs, you are still susceptible to irritation and swelling.

  1. Low infant birth weight

Some studies show exposure to air pollution may increase the risk of low infant birth weight and infant mortality.

However, the list does not end here, more and more research and studies are uncovering links of air pollution to human health as the cause of other diseases. So to prevent air pollution posing threat to your health there are some steps that you can take like:

  • Wear face masks outside
  • Verify the air quality in you area
  • Always keep you medications with you
  • Avoid air polluted areas
  • Reduce outdoor air pollution
  • Maintain good indoor air quality

What Else?

Important Reminder: Any type of food supplement is not a medicine and cannot be used as a medicine for any type of disease.

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